Interior Painting by Village Painting

Painting the interior of your home is a very personal type of home improvement. Through our experience we have found that homeowners have different needs.  We pay attention to each individual need or request for example...

  • We can attend to any patching of drywall, cracks or water leak areas and match your texture.
  • We can offer color help if desired, and apply samples.
  • We take extra care to make sure pets are secure when painting doors.
  • ¬†Another unique concern is often to get appliances put back after painting asap. for access and use.
  • One last example...on large interiors we will work with your schedule and we can do one area and replace furniture and clean up before we start another area for your convenience.


Faux finishes, Decorative painting, Cabinets

  • We offer a full line of completely custom faux finishes. Each finish is created with your color scheme and finished look in mind.
  • Decorative painting touches can be added to a variety of paint finishes. Faux marble, faux stone looks, faux leather, any color blends and a full line of artistic imprints and stencils.
  • We offer custom cabinet finishes in a full range of custom colors. Painted finishes as well as glazed over paint; also, stain touchups with re-clear coat to spruce up existing wood finishes.


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